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When I 1st started doing SEO back in 2001 2002 things were a lot different and Google was far simpler.

We had just 10 organic listings with nothing mixed amongst them like videos, news, products, images, blog posts, Google+, Maps, etc.

A top ranking then meant a lot more as you were only really competing against other optimised sites and being higher virtually guaranteed more traffic.

Nowadays there is so much going on amongst the Google results pages that unless you are top 3 and above everything else you might as well not be on the front page.

For this reason alone SEO is a completely different industry than it was back then and most SEOs don’t just optimise for organics but monitor all traffic and create campaigns that bring in good, targeted, converting traffic from a range of sources.

The range of SEO Services provided by V1 SEO include good old fashioned SEO, but now also includes Google+ optimisation, Google Places optimisation, social networking management, Google Product monitoring and PPC management amongst others.


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