V1 Net

Every new year I tell myself I’m going to go through all my old websites, update them all and tidy them up.

I then tell myself I will make regular blog posts in the various sites throughout the year.

All very good, but by the end of February I tend to find I’ve slipped back in to the old habit of only posting to 2 or 3 sites.

This year I hope to maintain the spreading of posts more, but have decided the only way of doing this is to just pick about half a dozen sites to regularly post to and not bother quite so much with the others.

I’ve started of by tidying my old SEO Services Warwickshire website up a bit and will probably be using this site for posting local stuff and SEO experiments.

V1 SEO Services Warwickshire

The next website on the list is uksbd.co.uk
The obvious thing for this site is to use it for posts related to UK Small Business Directory, but in the past I’ve tended to use it for too much random waffling.

Then off course we come to Sim64.
Hell of a lot of history behind sim64 and when in it’s heyday it was referred to as the exocet missile to Google, a lot has happened to the site since then including; picking up the Google minus 30 penalty, being de-indexed for 3+ years and then coming back and ranking top 5 for SEO for a period.

4th website on the list ought to be nrac.co.uk I suppose.
Another site that has been around for a long time but never really used properly.

5th site for now podline.co.uk which has in the past just been a site used for posting demonstrations and experiments.

So that’s 5 sites to tidy up, keep maintained and post on.
Will it happen? only time will tell.