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The Tale of the Wife, the Shrunken Jumper and the Growth Spurt

Our little boy has a jumper, it’s a nice jumper, it’s a blue jumper, it’s a jumper with padded elbows – it’s a wooly jumper.

I like our little boys wooly jumper, Our little boy likes his wooly jumper – My wife loves our little boys wooly jumper.

wooly jumper

A few months ago I was given the task of washing our little boys wooly jumper.

In the machine it went with a load of other things on a nice cool cycle, then out it came and in to the tumble dryer – Big mistake – Our little boys wooly jumper came out of the tumble dryer looking more suitable for a littler little boy.

Knowing I would be in trouble, I hid our little boys littler wooly jumper under a load of stuff under the sink in the utility room.

The next few days there were questions along the lines of; “have you seen *** blue jumper”, “have you seen the jumper with the elbow pads”, have you seen ***’* favourite jumper”, “are you sure ***’* wooly jumper isn’t in the car”, “did *** take his wooly jumper to granny’s”, etc.

Over the following weeks the frequency of the questions died down until 4 months later it was virtually forgotten about.

It was then that I got our little boys wooly jumper out from under the sink, stretched it a bit and gave our little boy a shout.

He quickly tried it on, it was tight, the sleeves were 2 inches up his arm, it only just covered his belly – It was no longer our little boys favourite wooly jumper.

My wife came down the stairs and I said, “look what I’ve found” she came in, saw our little boy in a wooly jumper that looked 2 sizes too small for him and before she said anything I said, “Wow! he’s had a real growth spurt”

She didn’t bat an eyelid, agreed about the growth spurt and just said we’ll have to get him a new wooly jumper for winter 🙂

When we do – I don’t think I will be putting our little boys New wooly jumper through the tumble dryer.

Sometime I thank my lucky stars for having a wife who is a bit away with the fairies 🙂

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