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The Tale of the Wife and The Dog Snatchers

It was back when I was still working on the building.

One of my bosses was going on holiday and asked me to look after his dog.

Burdock was a lovely flat coat retriever, but was a bit of a roamer.

As luck would have it, the week we had him there was a bitch on heat the other end of the village and as soon as you turned your back Burdock would try to make his escape.

I warned my wife and told her to keep him on the lead when she took him across the field outside our front door, but no, she knew better, he would be ok if she just let him have a quick run she thought.

There she was – Stood at the front door, lead in hand but no Burdock.

I jumped in the van drove round the village, found him, threw him in the back of the van and brought him home.

I only let him off for a minute

Next day my wife decides to take him out for a walk again.

15 minutes later there she is again, stood at the door, lead in hand but no Burdock.

“Sorry, I didn’t think he would run off again” she says as I jump in the van to go searching round the village again, find him, and bring him back.

I was sure he wouldn’t run off this time

Next day and off they go again across the field.

30 minutes later and there she is at the front door, lead in hand and no dog again “I only let him off as I was on the way back” she just about got out as I was driving down the lane.

This time I put him in the van, came back, left him in the van, walked in the house and told her I couldn’t find him but that a neighbour had seen a scruffy white van pull up and load a black dog in to the back of it.

She burst in to tears thinking a dog snatcher had snatched Burdock, “I warned you this would happen” I said, let he stew for 5 minutes and then went and got Burdock out of the van.

Next day she took him out again and there at the front door was my wife, lead in hand, Burdock attached to lead – She had finally gotten the message 🙂

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