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The Tale of The Wife and The Dishwasher

I’ve always enjoyed cooking and tend to do most of the cooking in our household.

The one thing I’m not quite so good at though is tidying up afterwards.

With this in mind I decided to buy a good dishwasher.

It’s a Dishwasher NOT a Dish Dryer

Note: I said I bought a dishwasher

The problem is my wife appears to think it is an appliance for drying clean plates in.

She washes everything by hand and then put the clean plates in the dryer to drip dry.

Then as things get used throughout the day, because she has clean (wet) stuff in the dishwasher, the dirty plates get left on the side waiting for the dishwasher to be emptied and if I’m not quick enough to empty it and start loading with dirty plates, she starts washing them by hand again and the cycle continues.

She even goes to the trouble of emptying dirty plates out of the dishwasher, putting them back on the side, to make room for more washing that she does by hand and then puts back in the dishwasher when they are clean.

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