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The Tale of the Cherries and the Gullible Wife

We have a lovely cherry tree in our front garden with loads of steadily ripening cherries on it.

I love cherries but we have a slight problem – the bloody birds are eating them all 🙁

They’re not ripe enough to pick yet, but at the rate the birds are taking them, by the time they are ripe enough, there will be none left.

My wife suggested picking some cherries and leaving them on the window sill to ripen off

I told her cherries aren’t like that and don’t ripen after being picked but she was adamant she would give it ago so picked half a dozen and left them on the window board of our little boys room.

I laughed and told her it will never work but she said I would be laughing on the other side off my face when she proved me wrong.

Jump forward a couple of days, I was out shopping and what did I see in the Co-Op fruit section?

You guessed right – A nice punnet of lovely ripe cherries.

I bought the cherries, managed to sneak them upstairs and replaced her half a dozen un-ripe cherries with half a dozen lovely fully ripe ones – Then I waited.

Come and look at my cherries!

8:30 and she takes our boy up to bed, 8:40 I hear an excited shriek, “come and have a look, come and have a look!”

I stay sat in my chair next to my daughter trying not to laugh as they both come running down the stairs with the bowl of cherries.

“I told you, I told you” she starts saying with a smug look on her face until she notices our daughter bursting out in giggles (I had already told her what I had done).

I won’t repeat what she said next 🙂

birds stealing all my cherries

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