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The Tale of The Wife Without a Daughter

I’ll start of this post by saying my wife is a little bit socially awkward.

It was one Sunday afternoon when she decided to take our little boy (aged 4) and girl (age 9) to our local swings and slides (as our children always referred to them as).

On approaching the playground my wife noticed a strange lady in there with a couple of children about the same age as our daughter.

Starting to panic a little, she was about to turn round and walk out again but our little boy went running in to the swings so my wife had to follow him and walk right up to the lady.

Not really knowing what to say, she broke the ice by saying;

“gosh is that what they are like when they get to that age? they look a handful”

The lady obviously thought it a strange thing to say as our daughter was the same age as hers and my wife realising she had said something silly said – “She’s my husbands daughter”

She came home and told me something embarrassing had happened and that she had to pretend our daughter was just mine to the lady so as not to sound silly – We laughed a bit with the knowledge that we would never see the lady again.

Unfortunately, who was at the mothers and toddlers group in the village hall on the following Tuesday?

Yes – The very same lady who had just moved in to the village that week.

For about 2 years my wife had to keep the pretence up that our daughter was just my daughter so as not to appear silly in front of her 🙂

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