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Is it Time the BBC Called Time on Ian Robertson Rugby Commentator

Listening to the Rugby commentary of Australia v England it’s becoming almost embarrassing the amount of times the other commentators are having to almost butt in to let us know what is actually happening.

Ian Robertson’s rugby commentary has been gradually getting worse over the past few years to the point now where I have almost stopped listening.

It’s such a shame as the 1st part of the commentary by Chris Jones was very good.

Will Rugby Commentator Ian Robertson Retire Soon?

Will the BBC ever retire off old commentators like Ian Robertson when they obviously haven’t got it anymore, are they worried that they will be accused of age discrimination or do they feel they should be loyal to Ian Robertson?

Is it time for Chris Jones to replace Ian Robertson on BBC Rugby Commentary?

For me it is a must, I may start listening to the full matches again then rather than just half the match.

Not nice to talk about Ian Robertson like this I know, but surely the BBC commentators should be there on merit not on a sense of loyalty?

Any comments on whether you think it is time for Ian Robertson to retire are welcome below.

Has Ian Robertson Retired as Rugby Commentator

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Has Ian Robertson Retired as Rugby Commentator