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Has Tom Harris Swung Me Towards Leave Brexit EU Referendum

I’ve been undecided on the EU Referendum but slightly swaying towards remain.

To be honest the economy is not that important to me.

What has always been the most important thing to me has been security and the fear that the breakup of the European Union could lead to civil wars on our doorstep which could easily escalate.

The problem is, an open policy on immigration could also lead to civil wars but actually within our own country.

I don’t think those who are reasonably well of appreciate the effect low paid immigrants are having on the low skilled in our country.

Great, we think when we get a Polish gardener mowing our lawns for £5, great we think when we get our cars washed for £5 by the Eastern Europeans whilst we nip and have a coffee, great we think when the price of cleaning our windows hasn’t gone up for 5 years.

It’s hardly surprising the business community want to remain, immigrants prepared to work for lower rates is reducing wage inflation more and more.

We often here, they do the jobs our young don’t.
But here’s the thing, it’s easy to do horrible jobs for short periods of time if your living in cheap digs and sending all you earn back home.

2 years of hardship and they have a nice big nest egg, where as a young UK lad hasn’t got that to look forward to. It’s not like spending 6 months grape picking for them, it’s just the start of a dead end job.

So where am I know?

I don’t care if our economy gets worse as long as the money earned stays within our country, I don’t care if big business moan about the cost of labour rising or if they struggle to get more staff – PAY THEM MORE, I don’t care if immigrants do jobs as long as they are not sending the money out of the country, aren’t living 6 to a room so as to be able to earn less than others who live alone can.

Personally, I don’t care how many immigrants we have in the country, but that’s just selfish as they probably benefit me.

What worries me most is the people who the immigrants do effect, the low paid, untrained, unskilled will resent them more and more which will eventually lead to more unrest.

So there we have it

Remain advantages = more security within Europe, better for economy, easier to travel within Europe, more immigrants means cheaper services available to us who can afford it, cheaper products.

Remain disadvantages = Our low paid, untrained, unskilled resent the immigrants, if this resentment builds it could lead to unrest, immigrants take money out of country.

The key that always swayed me to remain was the security of togetherness.

Listening to Tom Harris though I am now not so sure this security is worth it.

Does the security of a together Europe outweigh the possible unrest uncontrolled immigration could cause within our country.

I’m probably 51% leave at the moment – will it swing back 51% remain when the pen is in my hand?

We will see tomorrow if Has Tom Harris Swung Me Towards Leave Brexit EU Referendum

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