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Portable Dog Shower

Prevent Alabama Rot With the Muddi 15 Portable Dog Shower The Muddi 15 Portable Dog Shower is ideal for hosing down your dogs after long muddy walks. With the increase in Alabama Rot cases showing no signs of slowing down it is thought that it is important to clean your dogs after they become muddy… Read More

Best Wine Fridge for Red Wine

Best Wine Fridge for Red Wine We are often asked things along the lines of; What is the best way of storing red wine if you don’t have a wine cellar What is the best wine fridge for red wine What is the difference between a wine fridge and an ordinary fridge Can I store… Read More

Fake Billy Mask Billy Murphy The Young Offenders

Tweet Where to Buy a Fake Billy Mask – Billy Murphy The Young Offenders After last weeks post I’m Billy Murphy I’ve watched The Young Offenders series from the start again and want to know where can I buy a Fake Billy Mask? The producers of the show have missed a trick there if they… Read More

Advertising in UK Small Business Directory

Advertising in UK Small Business Directory Not only does UK Small Business Directory provide free business advertising it also provides a range of upgrade options starting from just £30 We added another upgraded listing to UK Small Business Directory today for Platinum Cars This type of listing that is colour coded, includes logos and images… Read More

Stratford Directory

Stratford Directory Select Category Abba Tribute Acts Stratford-upon-Avon Accommodation Stratford-upon-Avon Accountants Stratford-upon-Avon Advertising Agencies Stratford-upon-Avon Animal Day Care Stratford-upon-Avon Animal Health Stratford-upon-Avon Antiques Stratford-upon-Avon Art Galleries Stratford-upon-Avon Bathrooms Stratford-upon-Avon Beauty Consultants Stratford-upon-Avon Bed and Breakfast Stratford-upon-Avon Blinds Stratford-upon-Avon Bookkeepers Stratford-upon-Avon Bouncy Castle Hire Stratford-upon-Avon Builders Stratford-upon-Avon Business Stratford-upon-Avon Business Coach Stratford-upon-Avon Business Consultancy Stratford-upon-Avon Business… Read More

Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume

Fancy Dress Costume Poundland Snowflake Fancy Dress Costume

Download SA302 Tax Calculations from HMRC

Download SA302 from HMRC I created a new tool today that enables people to download SA302 tax calculation copies from HMRC today – Shortcut to Download Your SA302 from HMRC All you need is your UTR and your Government Gateway login details and it takes you direct to the relevant page on the HMRC website…. Read More

Find Stairlift Suppliers

Find Stairlift Suppliers Find Stairlift suppliers who provide Stairlift surveys in UK post towns : Abbey Wood Stairlifts : Abbots Langley Stairlifts : Aberaeron Stairlifts : Aberdare Stairlifts : Aberdeen Stairlifts : Aberdovey Stairlifts : Aberfeldy Stairlifts : Abergavenny Stairlifts : Abergele Stairlifts : Abertillery Stairlifts : Aberystwyth Stairlifts : Abingdon Stairlifts : Aboyne Stairlifts… Read More

Pest Control South Bucks

Pest Control South Bucks I updated one of the pest control sites last week to provide more information on the areas where they provide pest control services. Pest Control Bucks – Pest Control Bucks is a family business based in Farnham Common South Bucks. If you have a problem with any pest we will be… Read More

How to Save Money on a Standing Desk

How to Save Money on a Standing Desk Just hope I don’t need anything out of the file folders.

Michael Gove

Michael Gove

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

2017 Kilt Design

2017 Kilt Design Is an Englishman wearing a kilt to a fancy dress party the equivalent of black facing? Comment – Post your Comments Here

Clown Sightings UK Map

Map of Clown Sightings UK Found this great map that lists clown sightings in the UK – Map of Clown Sightings UK Tweet

10th anniversary of Kirsty Young presenting Desert Island Discs

10th anniversary of Kirsty Young presenting Desert Island Discs Has this been mentioned by the BBC anywhere?

Save the Monopoly Dog

Save the Monopoly Dog on Stratford Monopoly Stop Winning Moves UK Killing Off The Dog in the Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Edition. Join our campaign now – Save The Monopoly Dog »

My Desk Needs Tidying

My Desk Needs Tidying

Fleabag – Will there be a Fleabag series 2?

Fleabag OK, so it may be a bit crass at times and a little too risqué for some but Fleabag is another of those BBC3 programmes that you just can’t miss. Please, please let’s have a Fleabag series 2 http://bbc.in/29si7us

SEO Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder Tool The SEO Keyword Finder helps you find keywords and key phrases related to the category you select. Use drop down arrow to select category and find keywords related to that category.

UK Business Directories

List of Popular UK Business Directories and Business Listings Websites http://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/ http://www.freeindex.co.uk/ http://www.businessmagnet.co.uk/ http://www.business-directory-uk.co.uk/ http://www.yell.com http://www.thomsonlocal.com/ http://smartbusinessdirectory.co.uk/ http://www.businessspread.co.uk/ http://www.thebusinessindex.com/ http://www.wwwi.co.uk/ http://smartbusinessdirectory.co.uk/ http://www.thetradefinder.co.uk/ http://www.cla.org.uk/businessdirectory http://www.business-directory.org.uk/ http://directory.thesun.co.uk/ http://www.carbontrust.com/resources/green-business-directory/ http://www.ageuk.org.uk http://www.uea.ac.uk/careers/student-enterprise/business-directory http://www.scoot.co.uk/ http://www.1and1.co.uk/list-local http://www.thephonebook.bt.com/ http://gb.kompass.com/b/business-directory/

Fluffy White Rabbit

Fluffy White Rabbit Fantastic fluffy white rabbit for sale for only £299.00

The Tale of the Wife and the Shrunken Jumper

The Tale of the Wife, the Shrunken Jumper and the Growth Spurt Our little boy has a jumper, it’s a nice jumper, it’s a blue jumper, it’s a jumper with padded elbows – it’s a wooly jumper. I like our little boys wooly jumper, Our little boy likes his wooly jumper – My wife loves… Read More

Stratford-upon-Avon edition of Monopoly

Where will be Old Kent Road in the Stratford-upon-Avon edition of Monopoly? I see the Stratford Herald has a red property space on the new Stratford-upon-Avon Monopoly Edition and are very pleased about it. The Stratford Herald will have the Fleet Street square, joining other local organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company and The… Read More

Stuffed Marrow Recipe

Stuffed Marrow Recipe 1. Grow Marrow 2. Stuff Marrow 3. Eat Marrow 4. Repeat I’ve learnt my lesson this year – Only one marrow and one courgette plant next year.

SEO Stratford-upon-Avon

SEO Stratford-upon-Avon I tidied up the SEO Stratford-upon-Avon section of V1 Sites this week. V1 Sites was a site I started a couple of years ago and was to be the main site for my little optimized mini site packages. I ended up using it for demonstrating other things and it all became a bit… Read More

The Birds Have Eaten All My Cherries

The Birds Have Eaten All My Cherries I wrote a post the other day How Can I Stop Birds Eating My Cherries My cherry tree was well laden, the cherries were ripening nicely, but just not ready to pick. I checked them yesterday morning and thought to myself 1 or 2 more days and they… Read More

The Tale of The Wife and the Potato

The Tale of The Wife and the Potato I’ll start this little tale by telling you my wife is a bit of a hygiene freak. Drop a knife on a pristine floor and you can’t just pick it up, give it a quick wipe and carry on eating – No. it has to go through… Read More

The Tale of the Wife and The Dog Snatchers

The Tale of the Wife and The Dog Snatchers It was back when I was still working on the building. One of my bosses was going on holiday and asked me to look after his dog. Burdock was a lovely flat coat retriever, but was a bit of a roamer. As luck would have it,… Read More

The Tale of the Cherries and the Gullible Wife

The Tale of the Cherries and the Gullible Wife We have a lovely cherry tree in our front garden with loads of steadily ripening cherries on it. I love cherries but we have a slight problem – the bloody birds are eating them all 🙁 They’re not ripe enough to pick yet, but at the… Read More

How Can I Stop Birds Eating My Cherries

How Can I Stop Birds Eating My Cherries I spent the best part of early 2016 setting up a little bird feeding station just outside my office window and spent a small fortune on wild bird seed, fat balls, sunflower hearts, etc. lovely to see the tits, robins, sparrows, finches, dunnocks and even the occasional… Read More

Too Much Time On My Hands

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Controlling Dreams

Controlling Dreams and my Friendly Lion I had, what started of as a horrible dream last night. As is usual with my horrible dreams though, I managed to steer it in a way that everything ended up fine. Last nights was a little unusual as my friendly lion was nowhere to be seen and my… Read More

Free Local Business Advertising

Free Local Business Advertising Spot the V1 SEO number plate anywhere within South Warwickshire and receive Special Free Local Business Advertising Packages in the UK Small Business Directory. Free Local Advertising Online Available now to all local businesses within the CV36 Postcode area Contact us now if you are a South Warwickshire business owner and… Read More

Has Ian Robertson Retired as Rugby Commentator

Has Ian Robertson Retired as Rugby Commentator I made a post after the 1st Rugby test in Australia between Australia and England about how bad the Ian Robertson Rugby commentary had become. Has Chris Jones replaced Ian Robertson as BBC Rugby Commentator Listening to the 3rd test and I haven’t heard Ian Robertson yet or… Read More



Has Tom Harris Swung Me Towards Leave Brexit EU Referendum

Has Tom Harris Swung Me Towards Leave Brexit EU Referendum I’ve been undecided on the EU Referendum but slightly swaying towards remain. To be honest the economy is not that important to me. What has always been the most important thing to me has been security and the fear that the breakup of the European… Read More

Ian Robertson Rugby Commentator

Is it Time the BBC Called Time on Ian Robertson Rugby Commentator Listening to the Rugby commentary of Australia v England it’s becoming almost embarrassing the amount of times the other commentators are having to almost butt in to let us know what is actually happening. Ian Robertson’s rugby commentary has been gradually getting worse… Read More

SEO Tools

SEO Tools A selection of my favourite SEO tools and tricks. Latest Google Review Links These new ways of creating Google Review links are ideal if you know your Google CID numbers and LRD numbers. Simple enter your details in boxes below to create your Google Review Link. Version 3 – Goes to your existing… Read More

Warwickshire Business Directory

Warwickshire Business Directory Select Business Category3D Visualisation in WarwickshireAbba Tribute Acts in WarwickshireAccess Consultants in WarwickshireAccess equipment in WarwickshireAccident Investigators in WarwickshireAccommodation in WarwickshireAccountants in WarwickshireAcupuncture in WarwickshireAdvertising Agencies in WarwickshireAerial Installers in WarwickshireAesthetic Medicine in WarwickshireAgriculture in WarwickshireAir Compressors in WarwickshireAir Conditioning Equipment in WarwickshireAlternative Therapies in WarwickshireAnimal Day Care in WarwickshireAnimal Health in… Read More

Woodworm Treatment Oxfordshire

Woodworm Treatment Oxfordshire I tidied up the Woodworm Solutions Oxfordshire website last week. This is a site that I set up about 18 months ago but never got around to adding the content to. I’ve now included some information about Woodworm Treatment in Oxfordshire, Woodworm Surveys in Oxfordshire and some general Facts about Woodworm Woodworm… Read More

Scamp Finds Wasp Nests Others Can’t Find

Scamp Finds Wasp Nests Others Can’t Find When you, and all around you, can’t find the wasp nest – Call in Scamp The Wasp Nest Finder

No more Archers until Rob Titchener is Gone

No more Archers until Rob Titchener is Gone Today was probably the 1st Sunday in 3 years that I haven’t listened to The Archers. A Sunday mid morning of no swearing under my breath, no wanting to throw the radio out of the window, and no saying I’m not listening to that rubbish next week…. Read More

Colin Furze Safety Tie

Colin Furze Safety Tie See More Here: Colin Furze Safety Tie

How to find your Google Reviews in the New Google Plus

Prior to the new Google Plus that was launched in Mid November 2015 you could send visitors direct to a review form on your Google Local page by adding /?review=1 to the end of your Google Local URL. It appears you can no longer do this in the new Google+ so UKSBD have created a… Read More

Pete Doherty Desert Island Discs

Tweet Has Pete Doherty been on Desert Island Discs? Surely it is just a matter of time before Pete Doherty is asked to do Desert Island Discs Anyone know if Pete Doherty has been on Desert Island Discs yet? I’ve seen Pete Doherty Desert being interviewed by Jonathan Ross a couple of times I’ve also… Read More

SEO Warwickshire

Updated the SEO Warwickshire website this week and removed a load of old posts and pages. UKSBD started of as just a redirect device for UK Small Business Directory but then started getting used for more and more things. The back end is still a right mess and a mixture of static pages, redirect scripts… Read More

I’m doing something more exciting now – Phoebe Aldridge

“I’m doing something more exciting now” – Phoebe Aldridge I think I’ll put that message on my answerphone. You never know, I might get a missed call when I’m putting the bins out.

I can remember riding on top quite a few times Jill Archer!

Quote Of The Day “I can remember riding on top quite a few times!” Jill Archer – The Archers

Peggy Bumped off by Rob Titchener

Does Peggy need to watch her back? What’s the chances of Rob Titchener bumping off Peggy before she has chance to change her will in the Archers?


I made a post on sim64 last year simply titled opstopreason and for the life of me can’t remember why. All of a sudden that post has received loads of visitors who appear to just be searching for opstopreason Could someone please enlighten me, what is opstopreason ?

How to get more positive reviews without faking it

We all know about fake reviews but did you also know that a lot of big companies use review systems that are deliberately set up to be manipulative and obtain positive reviews? A popular review site uses a system where they ask for reviews in what the call The Customers Happy Time so there is… Read More

Tidying up old websites

Every new year I tell myself I’m going to go through all my old websites, update them all and tidy them up. I then tell myself I will make regular blog posts in the various sites throughout the year. All very good, but by the end of February I tend to find I’ve slipped back… Read More

Aerolight Wheelchair Ramps

We added some more information about the Aerolight range of Wheelchair Ramps to www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk today and also upgraded our 7 day try before you buy service to 14 days. Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramp The foundation of the range, this masterpiece has proved itself again and again. Since its introduction in 2003, the original style of… Read More

Guitar Repairs Oxfordshire

Guitar Repairs Oxfordshire I set up a new website at the weekend for someone who provides Guitar Repairs in Oxfordshire It’s only a very basic 4 or 5 page site at the moment but will soon have new pages talking about Bass Guitar Repair, Electric Guitar Repair and Acoustic Guitar Repair. It’s only got 3… Read More

Home Brew Lager Kit Recipe, Instructions on making 40 pints Lager

Home Brew Lager Recipe 40 Pints of Home Brew Coopers Lager. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook time: 600 hours Ingredients: 1 Tin Coopers Home Brew Lager, Sugar Brewing Instructions: Warm malt and juice in sink of hot water Add 1 kettle of boiling water to bucket Add 1 bag of Sugar Empty can of Coopers… Read More

FENSA registered Double Glazing Installers in Warwickshire

Double Glazing Installers Warwickshire Our new house at Honington, Warwickshire is as good as finished 🙂 We went for new UPVC Double Glazing for the 4 front windows a rear bedroom window which needed to apply to fire regs and the 2 windows and 2 doors in the extension. With the replacement windows we had… Read More

Would Matt Crawford be so Gullible Archers Ambridge Extra

Would Matt Crawford be so Gullible Archers Ambridge Extra I must say, unlike a lot of Archers Addicts I quite like Ambridge Extra. Or should I say, I did? The Matt Crawford and Brenda Tucker in Russia storyline is just too cringey. Don’t know how it’s going to end yet, but surely Matt Crawford isn’t… Read More

Internal Link Devaluation – An alternative view from SEO Weasel

SEO Weasel says look a bit closer to home when researching Link Devaluation Can you answer these two questions; 1. . Do you think your search engine rankings would drop if your site navigation was not structured as well as it is? 2. Do you suspect your search engine rankings have dropped because of link devaluation?… Read More

6D94C6 is a great color

Responsive jquery slideshow

I added a very simple little responsive jquery slideshow to the homepage of my wheelchair ramps site today – http://www.wheelchair-ramps.co.uk/ It is using ResponsiveSlides.js v1.32  created by Viljami Salminen – http://responsive-slides.viljamis.com/ I have set the disability directory up to be responsive and some of the wheel chair ramps pages, hopefully if I get a bit… Read More

Vaginal tightening product fills a gap in the market

Todays little quote of the day comes from a spokesman for Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Ultratech who when talking about a new vaginal rejuvenation and tightening product said; “It is the first of its kind in India and fills a gap in the market”

Cheap Business Advertising

The UK Small Business Directory are providing cheap business advertising for a limited period Bronze – £10.00+ VAT per annum Approved within 5 days. Appears above free listings. Includes a nofollow link to your website. You will be redirected to registration page after payment is received. Please call 01608 685039 if you have any questions…. Read More

Why SEO isn't just about getting top rankings

When I 1st started doing SEO back in 2001 2002 things were a lot different and Google was far simpler. We had just 10 organic listings with nothing mixed amongst them like videos, news, products, images, blog posts, Google+, Maps, etc. A top ranking then meant a lot more as you were only really competing against other… Read More

SEO Company Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire

V1 SEO are a Shipston-on-Stour based SEO Company who provide a hands on SEO service to small business owners within a 10 mile radius of Shipston on Stour. This area includes Stratford-upon-Avon to the North, Banbury and Bloxham to the East, Chipping Noton and Stow-on-the-Wold to the South and Chipping Campden and Moreton-in-Marsh to the… Read More



Jump links and SEO

This is just an experimental post about using jump links for SEO As the experiment progresses I will update this page accordingly. Update: 4th March 2012 The Jump links experiment worked as expected 🙂 I set up this page; How to get jump links showing in Google and a search in Google like below brings the… Read More

Was Tom Archers sausage roll to blame for Bridge Farm E. Coli Outbreak in The Archers

Anyone listening to the last 5 minutes of The Archers omnibus on Suday morning would have heard Ed Grundy say that Will Grundy’s dog Meg nicked Georgy’s sausage roll. I wonder if it was one of Tom Archers sausages in the sausage roll and it is a hint from the script writers that maybe Clarrie… Read More

The Archers Bridge Farm Ambridge SEO Search Engine Optimisation E. Coli and Ice Cream SATTC

The Archers Bridge Farm Ambridge SEO Search Engine Optimisation E. Coli and Ice Cream SATTC You may be wondering just what this title means and what connects, The Archers, Ambridge, Bridge Farm, E. Coli, Ice Cream, SATTC with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Well as an avid Archers fan for neatly 25 years now I was… Read More