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The Archers Bridge Farm Ambridge SEO Search Engine Optimisation E. Coli and Ice Cream SATTC

You may be wondering just what this title means and what connects, The Archers, Ambridge, Bridge Farm, E. Coli, Ice Cream, SATTC with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Well as an avid Archers fan for neatly 25 years now I was pleased to hear a storyline where Search Engine Optimisation got a mention.

The background is that Bridge Farm (an Ambridge organic farm and dairy owned by Pat and Tony Archer) was recently discovered to be the source of an E. Coli outbreak when the Bridge Farm Ice Cream was consumed at a local gymkhana.

The Bridge Farm reputation is soon in tatters and no-one is buying the Bridge Farm products

The story goes on with Tony and Pat’s son Tom Archer phoning around local traders trying to drum up business and being shot down in flames because people look up Bridge Farm in Google and see all the bad press.

This is when Brenda (Tom Archers live in girlfiend and local marketing expert) comes up with the idea of improving the Bridge Farm website, optimising it better in an attempt to bury bad news and bring in a search engine optimisation company to optimise the Bridge Farm website and help with reputation management.

This is where I come in. 🙂

Hearing all this happening it gave me the idea to write a blog post about The Archers and SEO which then led to me coming up with an evil plan to create some spoof posts about Bridge Farm.

Update – Latest Bridge Farm News:

Tom Archers Sausages Poisoned my Cat

Bridge Farm wetland development causes flooding in Ambridge

Bridge Farm Website Banned by Google : Brenda Tucker Black Hat SEO To Blame ?

I prefer to listen to the Archers omnibus on Sunday mornings so will probably add a few more stories after I have heard it this week.



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