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How Can I Stop Birds Eating My Cherries

I spent the best part of early 2016 setting up a little bird feeding station just outside my office window and spent a small fortune on wild bird seed, fat balls, sunflower hearts, etc.

cherry thieving bird lovely to see the tits, robins, sparrows, finches, dunnocks and even the occasional woodpecker feeding from the various things I had set up.

Jump forward a few months and how are my little friends rewarding me for all the effort I put in to helping them raise their broods? – The bastards are pinching all the cherries 🙁

I don’t like the idea of netting it and my wife put her foot down when I suggested tying one end of a rope to the base of the cherry tree and the other end around the neck of our cat.

How to protect cherries from birds

If I do rule out netting or guard cats, does anyone have any other suggestion as to how to stop the birds eating my cherries?

Update 12/07/16

The Birds Have Eaten All My Cherries 🙁

Guard cat to keep birds of cherries

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