Neglected Blogs

A lot of my blogs got neglected over the Christmas break as I find myself slowly slipping back in to the bad habit of posting too much on 2 or 3 blogs rather than sharing my posts around a bit.

A lot of this is down to laziness, I’ve got 2 or 3 blogs just 1 click away from each other, they’re set to remember me so I don’t even have to worry about logging in, they have categories already set up for most subjects I waffle about and even have image galleries set up  so I can use them in posts.

Now what I should do is get another 3 or 4 set up in the same way and then add all of them in a row to my favourites bar so that I can easily skip between one or the other, and also try to theme them a bit better so whatever I’m waffling about at the time goes in the right blog.

A perect example of this is my SEO Blog if I’m waffling about SEO  I should post there, Social Networking should go in my Podline blog, Business Waffles in my UKSBD blog, marketing waffles in Gerald Duck, Google related waffling in Sim64 (or my Google+ Page), This can become more of a General waffling place, NRAC can be product related, CMOB Disability related, Improving Profiles could become more technicakl about Google and the rest I will have to think about.