Make a Google Reviews Button

Now that Google have stopped the trick of adding ?review=1 to the end of Google Local URLS to direct people to Reviews I decided to make a Customized Google Review Button. If anybody wants to make their own customized Google … Continue reading

Soundtrack Winner of Well Done U 2015

Soundtrack Well Done U winner 2015: Soundtrack Watch the winner of Kermode & Mayo’s Well Done U Soundtrack Was a toss up for me between Soundtrack and One Summer in 1950 looks like the feel-good provided by Soundtrack one it … Continue reading

Pete Doherty Desert Island Discs

Has Pete Doherty been on Desert Island Discs? Surely it is just a matter of time before Pete Doherty is asked to do Desert Island Discs Anyone know if Pete Doherty has been on Desert Island Discs yet? I’ve seen … Continue reading

Wine Storage Cabinets

Wine Cabinets are used for storing Wines at home. Single Temperature Wine Cabinets are a steady 12°C temperature and vibration-free, to allow your wines to reach maturity and stay in perfect condition. 3 Temperature Wine Cabinets have an upper compartment … Continue reading

SEO Warwickshire

Updated the SEO Warwickshire website this week and removed a load of old posts and pages. UKSBD started of as just a redirect device for UK Small Business Directory but then started getting used for more and more things. The … Continue reading

Aerolight Broadfold Wheelchair Ramp

The Aerolight-Broadfold is yet another addition to the Aerolight range. A simple and cost-effective scooter ramp for many uses. Available in lengths 5ft – 7ft (1.5m – 2.1m), Quick and easy to set up, Folds in half for storage and … Continue reading

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Finally got round to tidying up the Portable Wheelchair Ramps section on our ramps website this week. Our ramps site has always been a bit of a mess due to the fact it was originally started back in 2002 and … Continue reading

Peggy Bumped off by Rob Titchener

Does Peggy need to watch her back? What’s the chances of Rob Titchener bumping off Peggy before she has chance to change her will in the Archers?

Warwickshire Holiday Cottages Directory

Do you own a holiday cottage in Warwickshire and would like to advertise it online? We have created a Warwickshire Holiday Cottages Directory over on Gerald Duck which allows Warwickshire holiday cottage owners to advertise their holiday cottages online. Where … Continue reading


I made a post on sim64 last year simply titled opstopreason and for the life of me can’t remember why. All of a sudden that post has received loads of visitors who appear to just be searching for opstopreason Could … Continue reading

Tidying up old websites

Every new year I tell myself I’m going to go through all my old websites, update them all and tidy them up. I then tell myself I will make regular blog posts in the various sites throughout the year. All … Continue reading

Hang Out With Babes Livestream

Hang Out With is the new service from Sim64 which lets you Hang Out With Celebrities, Hang Out With Sports Stars, Hang Out With Babes, and more. Hang Out With Babes Livestream

Booze Calculator App

Booze Calculator App Let’s be careful out there folks You never know who you might wake up next to! Online Booze Calculator   Katie Hopkins?   Yes No       See more here – Booze Calculator

In The Bleak Midwinter Lyrics

In the bleak mid-winter Frosty wind made moan, Earth stood hard as iron, Water like a stone; Snow had fallen, snow on snow, Snow on snow, In the bleak mid-winter Long ago. Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him Nor earth … Continue reading

Brendan Rodgers Sacked by Liverpool

Even when Liverpool were doing well last year you would quite often get Liverpool fans phoning 606 on BBC Radio 5 Live moaning about Brendan Rodgers. I haven’t heard it recently, but wonder what they are saying now. How can … Continue reading

The White Cottage

Want a Short Weekend Break in South Warwickshire ? The White Cottage could be for you. Ideally situated in the delightful South Warwickshire village of Stourton Cherington on the edge of the Cotswold, The White Cottage is a 2/3 bedroom … Continue reading

Aerolight Wheelchair Ramps

We added some more information about the Aerolight range of Wheelchair Ramps to today and also upgraded our 7 day try before you buy service to 14 days. Aerolight Extra Wheelchair Ramp The foundation of the range, this masterpiece … Continue reading

Guitar Repairs Oxfordshire

I set up a new website at the weekend for someone who provides Guitar Repairs in Oxfordshire It’s only a very basic 4 or 5 page site at the moment but will soon have new pages talking about Bass Guitar … Continue reading

Solving Google Authorship Problems

As some of our more eagle eyed visitors may have already noticed sim64 have now added a Google Authorship diagnosis Tool to their Author Rank Checker The Sim64 Google Authorship Diagnosis Tool helps you detect Google Authorship problems and advises … Continue reading

Towbar Coding and Fitting Birmingham Tow Bar Coding

New Tow Bar legislation imminent for tow-bar coding tow bar wiring & coding – Towbar Coding and Fitting Birmingham Dynamic Performance are specialist tow bar coding installers and fitters and use the correct electrical installation and diagnostic towbar coding.

Malicious code reveals hacked websites

Do a search for; Malicious code 58,70,6a,23,67,58,6b,5f,20,17,72,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,6b,66,5b,58,70,17,34,17,65,5c,6e,17,3b,58,6b,5c,1f,20,32,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,5c,6f,67,60,58,70,6a,23,67,58,6b,5f,20,17,72,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,6b,66,5b,58,70,17,34,17,65,5c,6e,17,3b,58,6b,5c,1f,20,32,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,5c,6f,67,60 … hacked websites and you will see just how many websites appear to have been hacked

Responsive jquery slideshow

I added a very simple little responsive jquery slideshow to the homepage of my wheelchair ramps site today – It is using ResponsiveSlides.js v1.32  created by Viljami Salminen – I have set the disability directory up to be … Continue reading

Cheap Business Advertising

The UK Small Business Directory are providing cheap business advertising for a limited period Bronze – £10.00+ VAT per annum Approved within 5 days. Appears above free listings. Includes a nofollow link to your website. You will be redirected to … Continue reading

Supermarket Shipston on Stour

New Supermarket for Shipston on Stour Lot of debate at the moment in my local town Shipston-on-Stour about whether or not a new semi out of town supermarket is required. Have your say here – Supermarket in Shipston »

Neglected Blogs

A lot of my blogs got neglected over the Christmas break as I find myself slowly slipping back in to the bad habit of posting too much on 2 or 3 blogs rather than sharing my posts around a bit. … Continue reading

Jump links and SEO

This is just an experimental post about using jump links for SEO As the experiment progresses I will update this page accordingly. Update: 4th March 2012 The Jump links experiment worked as expected I set up this page; How to … Continue reading

Paying for PPI Leads to be banned

PPI referral fees to be banned was a little post I made when I heard on the radio that the government is to ban referral fees in personal injury claims. I couldn’t be bothered to find out any more about … Continue reading

Sad but true

Yes, I really do just play around on the internet creating silly websites.